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Add Nutrition and Versatility to any Meal without it Tasting Fishy

Tilapia has risen through the ranks to become the world’s fifth most popular fish, and this celebrity is expected to increase as the healthy living movement continues to grow. As one of the leanest varieties of fish available, this species has become a key element in weight loss efforts and is said to actually boost metabolism. Due to low fat content, it is a suitable option for those attempting to lower their cholesterol levels as well. It also offers a number of essential nutrients, such as niacin, potassium, selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids and a range of B vitamins.

Among the additional health attributes of this fish is high protein content. This element is critical for muscle development, higher energy levels and curbing snack cravings. Protein is also one of the reasons this and other types of fish are considered brain food. Phosphorous found in tilapia aids in healthy bone development while previously mentioned selenium has been linked to lowered risks of prostate cancer. While a number of people are leery of fish due to possible mercury contamination and the presence of other toxins, purchasing farm fresh tilapia online from a reputable dealer helps ensure these harmful substances are not an issue.

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Though the health benefits alone are motivation enough for many, tilapia also lacks the fishy taste so often steering people toward chicken, pork and red meats. It also offers a light, flaky texture requiring little attention during the cooking process. Whether roasted, baked or sauteed, this variety is a fairly difficult one to botch regardless of the preparation method used.

Because of its delicate flavor and texture, tilapia is also among the most versatile types of fish available. In addition to being a much-loved alternative for tacos prepared with a little low-sodium seasoning, it can be flavored in a number of other ways. Many enjoy simply baking this fish with a dash of lemon-pepper and sea salt drizzled with a bit of lemon juice for moisture. While butter tends to counteract the low calorie and fat aspect, it does tend to make a nice topping or sauce base. Either way, visit for fresh tilapia filets as well as a variety of recipe tips.

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